iPhone App

iPhone App

Respect not Fear are excited to announce the release of their iPhone and iPod App.

Young people in Nottingham wanted to access information really quickly and quite often used their mobile phones to do this. This inspired Respect not Fear to get creative and innovative so the idea of an App emerged.

Respect not Fear worked very closely with young people to ensure the app had features that they felt other young people would find useful and fun. A group of young women in Nottingham even designed all the art work that is featured on the App.

The App is a smaller version of this website and contains information about relationships. Once downloaded it can provide a young person with instant access to important information and support services. It also has the pledge, pyramid and respect'o'meter games that can be played.

The best feature of this App is that it is FREE to download! So go to the Apple App store, search for Respect Not Fear and get downloading now! Or you can find the App by clicking here.


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