Click CEOP App

Click CEOP App

CEOP have recently launched a new Facebook App for young people ClickCEOP Facebook app.

This will mean that whilst on Facebook you are only one click away from reporting anything upsetting you may come across.

ClickCEOP is a free, independent service that provides all users with direct one-click access to not only help and advice on issues such as cyberbullying, viruses, hacking etc, but also the chance to report any threats direct to CEOP

Follow the instructions below to install the App:

  1. Log into Facebook and type 'ClickCEOP' into the search engine
  2. Click 'Like' to become a member
  3. Visit the ClickCEOP section on the home page
  4. Watch the video hosted on this page to familiarise yourself with CEOP's reporting procedures
  5. Click the 'Add CEOP' section - highlighted in yellow
  6. If the button is for a child or young person's personal account, or even your own, click 'Add to your favourites'
  7. This button will now be downloaded onto your profile page. To make it visible and assessable, add to favourites by following the instructions
  8. If the button is for a group or fan page click 'Add to your fan page'
  9. Choose the Facebook page you would like the button displayed on and click 'Add to Page'.
  10. The ClickCEOP button will downloaded.

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